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A balance of eating healthy and working out will make you feel healthy and look healthy.


i automatically dislike anyone with my name because it feels like a competition and let’s be honest ur not winning that

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There was a T-Shirt with tons of fit-blr URLS on it. Like everywhere, all of the shirt. If you reblog this I will make a shirt with all of your URLS on it and then contact you when it’s ready. This is going to be so cool I can tell.

Reblog it guys. Just do it.

Omgosh I’d love to go working out in it, constantly reminded that there are so many other bamfs going hard, too.

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I am only following a handful of blogs, reblog this if you are an ACTIVE college fitblr and I will check out EVERY SINGLE ONE! and probably follow you, so even if you aren’t in college, give it a go :) I need to follow more!

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